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Silica Quartz Sand

Product Description

High Purity White Quartz Silica Sand

1. Description:

 The production of fused silica involves the electrofusing of high purity crytalline silica

to form a solid mass whose properties are enhanced as a result of the process. Fused silica in comparison to crystalline silica is purer, and has a lower specific gravity and linear coefficient of thermal expansion. Key characteristics of fused silica include high temperature resistivity and low conductivity, making it ideal for insulative applications, and precision casting mould application. Also, the low thermal expansion and shock attributes of fused silica means that its dimensions remain unchanged under extreme temperatures. Epoxy molded compounds (with fused silica as a key constituent) are used as a base and encapsulating material for electronic circuitry. This application makes use of fused silica low electrical conductivity and insulative capacity, chemical inertness and electrical transparency with respect to electromagnetic radiation.

 2. Applications:

Due to its unique characteristics, fused silica is used in a range of highly specialized industrial applications. These can be broadly divided into three categories: Refractory applications, molded applications, and precision casting applications.

 3. Typical Chemical Analysis:


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4











 4. Physical Properties:

·                    Appearance: Transparent Ingots, Granule or White Powder

·                    Specific Gravity: 2.21

·                    Hardness( Mohs): 7.0

·                    PH: 5-7

·                    Whiteness: 95Min.

5. Split Sizes Available :

(1) 3-10mm, 10-50mm, 8-5mm, 5-3mm, 3-1mm, 1-0.5mm, 1-0.2mm,0-0.5mm, 0.5-0.2mm,
0.5-0.1mm, 0.2-0.1mm, 0.5-1mm.
(2) -4+10mesh, -10+20mesh, -20+50mesh, -30+50mesh,-50+100mesh, -120F,
-200F, -325F, -400F, -600F.


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